The Bridge Powers Up

The Bridge Powers Up

The Bridge, Upcoming shows

This week of music at the bridge is stellar.  It goes from strong Rock and Roll all the way to Stomping Bluegrass and ends with some Funky Psychedelic. Four power packed nights of really special artist are showing up this week.  There is something for every music lover.  Check out the info below to learn the basics of these bands and where to get more info and connect with them on social.

  • Wednesday August 26th: The Steepwater Band (TSB) with guest Driving Wheel
    • $8 show,
    • Classic Rock and Roll
  • Thursday August 27th: The Monolithic with Insomniac Folklore
    • $5 show,
    • Classic Rock and Roll
  • Friday August 28th: Chucky Waggs and the Company of Raggs with Saint John and Farmer Jesse
    • $5 show
    • Stomping Bluegrass
  • Saturday August 29th: The Jauntee with Alternate Outcome
    • $5 show
    • Funky Psychedelic

The Steepwater Band,  Wednesday August 26th, 2015    

The Steepwater Band

The band consists of Jeff Masey on guitar and vocals, Tod Bowers on base, Joseph Winters on Drums, Eric Saylors on Guitar and backing vocals.  Saylor joined the band in 2012.

Their latest album is Live and Humble, and was recorded in 2013. They are originally from Chicago and formed in 1998. Their music style is good old rock and roll with a side of blues.

They are touring animals averaging 140 shows a year, consistently for 16 years. They broke into the European Market in 2005 and have enjoyed a growing following overseas. They just signed with Nick Leroy and NTL Productions to help continue their rise and increase their exposure.

Check out one of their videos below:

 Dance me a Number

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube through these links.

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The Monolithic Thursday, August 27th    

The Monolithics

The band consists of Chris Chamness on Guitar/Vocals, Aaron Billiot on Guitar/Vocals, Hunter Beattie on Keys/Vocals, Dustin Politsch on Bass and Shayne Cordevant on Drums/Vocals.

They are known as fun loving jokers with a have a good time attitude.  They are inspired by the 60’s and 70’s rock and roll. While they formed this last January in Southern Illinois garage, they are well coordinated and have a strong sound. They have a passion to bring Rock and Roll Redemption to the ears of their listeners and create a sounds that can only be described as monolithic.

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Sound Cloud through these links.

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August 28th Chucky Waggs and the Company of Raggs with Saint John and Farmer Jesse

Chuck Waggs and the company of Raggs

If you love Mountain sprout you are in for a great night. Two of their foursome will be here to entertain us.  Chucky Waggs on the guitar and Michael Schembre on the fiddle, will be on our stage for the first time.  They will be doing a full set of Chucky Waggs original work.  Michael,a local of Columbia, is glad to come back and shake it up for his home crowd.

Their style of music is fun Hillbilly Bluegrass with a side of smoke and drink.  They enjoy playing and you can’t help but catch their fun enthusiasm while you listen and dance to their tunes.

Check out their videos below:

Pocket full of Change

Can’t get enough

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their website at the links below.





The Jauntee  August 29th a $5 show

The Jauntee

This psychedelic band likes to infuse some Jazz Blues Funk with a touch of latin and reggae into their music.  The band consists of Caton Sollenberger on guitar, Tyler Adams on the keys, John Loland on the base and Scott Ferbe on the drums. They are Boston natives, and touring machines with over 100 shows per year often selling out as far west as Denver. They enjoy to do live improvisation making each show unique.

They just released a new album this month called Excelsior. It is being offered in a pay what you want format.  Suggested donation of $10.  Check out their site to download or listen to their work.

Check out their videos below:

Race Car Ya Ya’s

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their website at the links below.